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General Terms

This website is under the supervision of the company Γ&X KOKKOS which is based at Miaouli Street 1 Monastiraki Athens.

The terms and conditions of use of this website, as well as and any modification, change and alteration thereof are governed and supplemented by Greek law.
For any dispute arising in the context of the use of this website, the courts of Athens are exclusively competent and Greek law is applicable.

The website of G&X KOKKOS. aims to provide information about the products and services it offers.
Access to it and its use are subject to the following terms and rules:

1. Any information, text, image, design, software, audiovisual work, contained in the website of G&X KOKKOS,
constitutes an original intellectual creation and is therefore protected in accordance with the provisions of the law Law 2121/1993 "on the protection of intellectual property and related rights".
Any act of reproduction, distribution, modification or use for commercial or non-commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written permission of G&X KOKKOS . Some photos have been obtained for free from unsplush.com. 2. G&X KOKKOS takes every reasonable and reasonably expected measure, so that the data and information contained on its website are complete, accurate and reliable. 3. The interconnection of the website with others through links is made only for the convenience of the users-visitors. G&X KOKKOS is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to user-visitors, resulting from the use of the possibility of connecting to another website through links or from the use of data and information, which contained in any similar website. 4. G&X KOKKOS reserves the right to modify its website, to add, modify and/or remove any element and/or information included in it without any warning. It also reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. 5. G&X KOKKOS will keep in a protected and secure file and will process any personal data of its users, which will come to its knowledge, based on the applications submitted and transactions carried out in order to maintain the best possible transactional relationship. 6. The distinctive title - mark (Γ&X KOKKOS) mentioned on the website dermatakokkos.gr and on all websites that are manufactured or owned by G&X KOKKOS. Alteration or editing or removal (in whole or in part) is prohibited. G&X KOKKOS reserves all its legal rights. 7. G&X KOKKOS provides complete confidentiality and undertakes not to share with third parties your personal data (e-mail, phone, etc etc) that you fill in while browsing the dermatakokkos.gr website and from anyone another website that it has built and hosted on its systems (web hosting), nor does it use them for statistical purposes. Disclosure of your information is only made upon request by the police or prosecutorial authorities governed by Greek law. G&X KOKKOS may periodically inform you with informative e-mails, newsletters about the company's products, offers, services. You can remove your address from the specific update lists at any time by following the relevant instructions described. 8. By filling out the online applications on the website dermatakokkos.gr, the customer understands that the applications simultaneously hold the position of a responsible declaration (article 8 Law 1599/1986) and with his individual responsibility and knowing the sanctions (whoever knowingly declares false facts or denies or conceals the true ones with a written declaration of Article 8 is punished with prison at least three months. If the perpetrator of these acts intended to benefit himself or another by harming a third party or intended to harm another, he shall be punished with imprisonment of up to 10 years.) provided by the provisions of paragraph 6 of article 22 of Law 1599/1986 declares that the details of the applications are true and wishes to carry out the specific action he has chosen. The company reserves the right to contact him to confirm details and if there is any charge that is not mentioned to inform me in writing by e-mail which he will have to accept in order to carry out the specific action. 9. The Joomla!™ name and logo that may appear through the G&X KOKKOS website are used in the United States and other countries under a limited license from Open Source Matters. G&X KOKKOS is not affiliated with (nor endorsed by) Open Source Matters or the Joomla!™ Project. All copyrights belong to their creators.

Social Media Terms of Use

Welcome to the Facebook - Twitter - Youtube page (hereinafter the "Website") of G&X KOKKOS. Please read carefully the legally binding information that follows for your information. By going to the specific pages of our company you automatically accept the terms of use, otherwise (which you do not agree with) please leave immediately.
A. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
The "Terms of Use" and the "Privacy Policy" of the dermatakokkos.gr website apply accordingly and therefore bind every user - visitor of the Website.
The G&X GRAIN. (hereinafter the "Company") attaches particular importance to ensuring the protection of the personal data of its customers as well as its partners. For this reason, the personal data of its partners, such as their names, should not be mentioned directly or indirectly on the Website. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to immediately remove the relevant posts without any warning. Subsequently, telephone numbers, physical or electronic addresses or other information and contact details, which may be posted by members of the community on the wall ("wall") of the Company Website, will be removed immediately without any warning.

B. Rules of Conduct
1. It is clarified that the code of conduct for internet users, called "NETIQUETTE", applies and binds every user - visitor of the Website.
The Company informs the users of the Website that the opinions, which are expressed in the form of messages or in any other form through the Website, on the occasion of its use or on the occasion thereof, are not reflect, may not express, represent in any way the views of the Company.

The Company is entitled but not obliged to record in an automated way the content of messages of any form, sent by the users of the Website, which may be processed on an individual basis only for the purpose of confirming compliance with the present conditions or in the cases, which is imposed or allowed by the applicable legislation and under its conditions.

In no case is the Company responsible for the loss or non-storage or destruction of any messages, files or other content, which is posted or trafficked through the Website. The Company is entitled, but not obliged, in an automated way and with the existence of special software for this purpose, to check the existence of words or phrases that in any way violate these terms.

Users in any case must ensure with their sole care and responsibility that the messages they send in the context of each communication:

1. not have content that is illegal, obscene, pornographic, violent, misleading, threatening, offensive, defamatory, abusive, racist, vulgar or generally contrary to the applicable legislation, good faith, morals (social ethics) and public order,
2. not aim to defame or slander any person, company or organizations,
3. not to hinder the correct and orderly operation of the website,
4. not to offend the personality of third parties,
5. not to infringe intellectual and industrial property rights.
6. not constitute a criminal offense and be absolutely in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The Company is entitled without being obliged not to post or to download, withdraw, modify, remove or even delete from the Website messages, which it considers at its absolute and free discretion, that violate any of the above conditions, interrupting any relevant conversation without bearing any responsibility for this reason.

Messages, comments and posts of users - visitors to the Website, which violate even one of the above rules or damage the image, reputation and prestige of the Company, at its absolute discretion Company, will be deleted automatically and without any warning. In this case, the Company may additionally take any other opportunity to defend its legal interests, such as blocking the account of the user who violated the above conditions with the express reservation of all its legal rights.



In this area, the relevant announcements are posted by posting date regarding pricing or other changes of the company when they exist (announcements of offers, services, etc. are not posted here ).

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